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Back in the 60s
Beatles became an instant sensation after their historic appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show" on February 9, 1964.  Practically overnight the Beatles skyrocketed to an incredible level of popularity here in America.  

People began to buy their music in record numbers.  Furthermore at this point you could not turn on the radio without finding a Beatles song playing somewhere on your dial. 

The demand for Beatles music led to an odd coincidence.  One afternoon
at Radio Station KSSQ, DJ Rick noticed that the same 5 Beatles songs had occupied the top 5 spots in his station's weekly hit parade for 5 consecutive weeks.

After looking a little closer, Rick then discovered that all five songs had not only taken a turn at being Number One, they had alternated positions so cleverly that none of the songs had ever been in the same position more than once.

In other words, each song was in a different position each week.  

From the information below, can you determine how each song ranked each week?


1. The first week "LOVE ME DO" ranked after "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?", but it was not in last place.

2. "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND" was one place higher in the third week than it had been in the second week.

3. "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?" was higher the second week than it was either the first or fourth week.

4. "PS I LOVE YOU!" was in first place two weeks later than it was in second place.

5. "PS I LOVE YOU", which never ranked just one below "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND", fell one position from the fourth to the fifth week.

6. "TWIST AND SHOUT", which was lower than "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?" in the fourth week, was one higher than this song the last week.


About the Beatles Puzzle:  This puzzle is hard so I thought I would help a little and offer a logic chart.  Print that chart out and use it like it is your best friend. 

This is a very tricky puzzle.  Although the clues can be confusing, I found them to be devoid of trickery.  As long as you follow what they carefully, you should be okay.  I thoroughly enjoyed solving this puzzle.  I have gone back and solved it again several times because it is so clever. 

Send your answers to Rick Archer,   Good luck!

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