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Welcome to the SSQQ Halloween Party Web Site!
The following Stories and Pictures are published by Rick Archer, owner of SSQQ Dance Studio.

As you have heard, SSQQ takes Halloween very seriously.   And this web site is an important part of the process.   Many people visit just so they can see what they looked like when they were younger.  Once they see what they used to look like, they scream in horror.  That's a big reason our party is so scary!

SSQQ held its first Halloween Party in 1978.   Every year since then the party has gotten bigger and better.  You will be amazed at the pictures present and past!   And please note I have pictures laying around the house from old parties dated 1982 through 1996 that aren't on the web site.

If ten people email me for a particular year, I will add the year with the most interest at Halloween time.  In other words, if 10 people ask for 1995 and 12 ask for 1989, then 1989 wins.  

Or if someone bribes me (fat chance of that happening), then it only takes one request. 

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(With a smiling nod to

The SSQQ Halloween Party
by Shawn Kilpatrick 
October 2000

'Twas the night of the Party, and all through place,
All the creatures were stirring and quickening their pace.
The bats were hanging by their feet with care,
In hopes that the revelers soon would be there.
The creatures of the night arose from their beds,
While visions of tricks 'n treats danced in their heads.
And mamma in her costume, and I in mine,
ad just arrived to dance, and on candy to dine.
When out on the dance floor there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my candy to see what was the matter.
Away to the dance floor I flew like a flash,
Just in time to observe the Monsters aMash!

The moon on the faces of the dancers was a chiller,
The next thing they did was a dance to the "Thriller".
When, what to my wandering eyes should appear,
But a man dressed like a Hooter's girl, inspiring much fear,
Followed by Dracula, so scary and slick,
I knew in a moment I'd better dance very quick.
More rapid than a flock of bats his minions they came,
And he glared, and shouted, and called them by name;
Now, Renfield!  Now Igor!  Come look at this vixen!
Either those are contacts, or I'm really a blitzen!
To the center of the floor, all along the wall!
Now dance away! Dance away! Dance away all!

As fall leaves that scatter before the fall wind,
scratchy and dry,
When they meet with an obstacle,
our feet did so fly,
And on to the center of the dance floor we flew,
As creatures, gypsies, and monsters came into view!

And then, in a twinkling, I saw a good spoof
Of "Ghostbusters", with the prancing and pawing of each dancer's little "hoof"!
As I drew in my partner, and was turning around,
Off the dance floor a cavewoman sprang with a bound!

There was also a spider, she was dressed in black from head to foot,
And her clothes were decorated with a red hourglass to boot!
A bundle of critters the crocodile hunters had on their backs,
And they looked like they needed a couple backpacks.
Our eyes-how they twinkled! Our attitudes how merry!
Our cheeks were like blood, our noses like sherry!
Our grinning mouths drawn up like a bow,
As we dancers eagerly awaited the master, his next line dance to show!
The stem of a rose he held tight in his teeth,
And his hands as he danced encircled his head like a wreath,
He had a gaunt face and a lean little belly,
That did not shake when he danced like a bowlful of jelly.
He was lithe and lean, dressed quite spookily himself,
And I shook when I saw him, in spite of myself;
With a turn of his foot and a twist of his head,
He soon gave me to know I had nothing of "Monster Rap" to dread;
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his instruction work,
And filled all the dancer's heads with steps; then turned with a jerk,
And laying his finger aside of his rose,
And giving a nod, to leave the dance floor he chose,
He sprang to his doorway, and to his guests gave a whistle,
And away we all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ere we drove out of sight, "Happy Halloween to all,
and to all a frightful night!"

Shawn Kirkpatrick

As always, please direct any questions or comments to Rick Archer at 

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