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As our warm-up page as we begin our journey to the top 10 SSQQ costumes of all time, we have some outstanding solo costumes. 

Princess Amidala from Star Trek the Phantom Menace was beautiful and elaborate. I never got her name. 2000


Cindy S was the poster girl of the infamous 1982 Halloween Party from Hell  where everyone got drunk. 


Laura was a very good looking Barbarian.  She would bring out the Conan in any man. 2000


Sylvia Tucker wore this beautiful Renaissance Festival costume in 1999


This man from 2000 was notable because he never removed that fabulous Rip Van Winkle (or was he a Troll?) mask all night long

Natalie Arnold was pretty in pink in 2001 as a Ballerina. Very lovely girl.



Susan Harms with Lawrence Salmeron who won Best Costume in 1986 with a fabulous recreation of 'Braveheart'


Tamsen was imposing and beautiful as a Valkyrie Warrior Princess in 1989


Linda McAdams was one of the many victims at the infamous 1982
Halloween Party from Hell


1986 was a much-photographed party. This Flasher costume was disgusting in its excellence.


Gerald took one of my all-time favorite pictures as he captured the essence of 'flashing' in 1999.


John Borrowman was awesome as a Charles Dickens character

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