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Tony Catalano and his wife Karen were resplendent in their colorful Fiesta costumes in 1998. 


This yummy couple had a very frightening experience in 1999. You should read what happened to Gayle and Steve Mink!!


I don't know their names, but their Brazilian Carnival costumes were just beautiful. 


Former Staffer Chris O'Rourke wore this outfit three years in a row by himself, then finally found a girlfriend willing to wear one too in 1998!


This couple didn't come together at the 1983 party, but their impressive protrusions immediately linked them together. 


Judy Price and Jim Ponder put together easily the greatest ghost costumes in 1986. Awesome!


Tom and Margaret Easley had a wonderful King and Queen costume in 1998. 


Leticia Taitte and Jordan Kossack had marvelous Civil War-era costumes in 1998.


Aren't these two Flintstone girls cute cute cute? Sorry, but I don't know their names.


Sharon Russell and Andy Pettigrew had the most beautiful Renaissance-era costumes in 1999. And they looked so adorable when they danced.

What makes Katy Tron and Ken Parr's matching Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty picture more remarkable is that they did not come together. I love this picture. 


Another picture I love is this adorable 1998 shot of SSQQ Staffer Kathleen Labounty and her friend Brad. She wore it again for our Pajama Party!!


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