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Rick Archer

This page is dedicated to me.   I am after all the most photographed person in the history of the Halloween Party.

1981. Liz B at the infamous
Halloween Party from Hell


1985. Biker


1986. Marsha Rusoff

1987.  Margie Saibara


1988. Janet Gunthrie


1989. Margaret Easley


1993.  Rick Sam Judy


1999  Judy Archer


Monster Mash. 1996


2000. Great Costume.


2001. Marla Gorzynski


As you surely have noticed, my costume performance deteriorated in the 90s. Two things happened.  With the start of the Monster Mash in 1991, Thriller in 92, and Monster Rap in 94, I was now leading Line Dances much of the night. And the 90s were the years I used CDs to play the evening's music. I spent most of the night as a DJ back in my little closet.  The SSQQ Halloween Party had begun a gradual change from something I did once a year for the fun of it to serious hard work. 

As a result of all the work decorating right before the Party started, it became easier for me to just punt on a costume and simply put mask to lead the line dances (see the Monster Mash picture above to get an idea of my yearly 90s Halloween Party costume).

In other words the SSQQ Halloween Parties had grown so big that I was constantly working. For example, during the 2002 Party I noticed I had one 15 minute break and that was it from start to finish.  The rest of the time I was either in the Haunted House, leading the Monster Mash, or  doing DJ work in my closet, so what was the point of wearing a costume since I was usually hidden anyway?? 

Nevertheless just for the heck of it in 2002 I threw on a black Scream outfit. Unused to seeing me in costume, people started to compliment me.  I was embarrassed. I accidentally threw on a stupid black cape and it was such an improvement people commented on it. 

Maybe next year I will look for a costume and start trying to dress up again. But don't hold me to it.

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