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Group Costumes

Some of these groups were planned and others just happened.  
Many people come to the party with similar costumes and a good photographer groups them together.

Then there are people who actually plan ahead. I consider them dangerous.  Showoffs. 


Impromptu. David Powell with his harem. 
Pictured are Carol Armand, Debbie Awad, 
Leona Douglas, and Amy Dryden


The Blues Brothers and the Big Lip Girls. This one was planned. Steve Bahnsen, Paul Motard, John Hall, Bill Steward, and Glen Morris. Ladies are Donna Motard, Mickey Hammond, Paula Morris, and Pam Steward.  Where's Judith??


We're in the Army now. Impromptu. I know a few names. David as Navy, Pat Grof with dogtags, Sam Bell in back, (?), Mike next to Maureen Brunetti, and 2 other guys. Feel free to identify them.


Great 2001 picture. Gangsters and their molls include Manny Angulo, Martha, Michelle Crossley, and David.


"I didn't survive the Titanic".  (planned)
Great Picture and Great Idea!!


Pirates. Impromptu. I recognize Theresa, Darryl Armstrong's sister, Kelly Baehr, Jack Benard, but don't know the names of the people on the side.


No real theme, but a fun picture from 1985. Jim Smith at the right came as a 'Club Executioner'. With him is Pat Wilkins. Misty Hood is sitting on Lester Buck and don't remember the two at back.


Three's a group, right?  My favorite picture of 2002. Kimberly Smith and Lise Gagnon came as the naughty girl scouts with Bryan Spivey pitching in. Yes, this was sick and definitely planned.


Here is an excellent group shot. This is the famous Pyramid from 1986. 

From top, Aimee Atkinson, Margie Saibara, Diane Stotz, Jeri Hartman, Diane Head, Judy Price, Rick, Jim Smith, Ted Jones, Jim Ponder with Carl Hruska assisting. 

I guess we were all younger then. 


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