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Bizarre and Unusual Costumes


At the 1982 Halloween Party from Hell the dancers from Glen Hunsucker's company at Dance Arts wore some very revealing costumes. They were hired to perform. As you might guess, they were a big hit!!   Jerilynn, Keith, and Connie. 


Alan Brown as the Invisible Man. I love the photographer's use of the mirror for this picture!  Great costume. Alan also impressed me by staying in costume the entire night. That had to be uncomfortable!!


Lester Buck/ Pat Jacob. Lester came as a sperm cell. He drew his inspiration from the Woody Allen movie "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex".  Notice the little ghost behind Lester and the resemblance.  We have never been able to look at those ghosts in the proper way since. 1985


Loretta Link, Chuck Clayton, and Debbie Oswald from 1985. 
I thought Chuck's 'Indiana Jones' costume was awesome. Apparently the ladies did too.


Stan Clark and Spencer from the 1986 party. Like Chuck the year before, Spencer came as Indiana Jones. Notice his strong resemblance to Tom Selleck. 


Marsha Rusoff, Gerry Streuding, and Hilary Mears. Hilary came as a Garden complete with picket fence. I have always admired her ingenuity. 1986


Brian Spivey and my daughter Sam. Brian came as the Jolly Green Giant. Bet you could have guessed that, right? He said it took hours to get the paint off. 2000.


I don't know this lady's name, but she wore that 5 foot fish on her back the entire night. She even DANCED with it on her!  I was impressed. 2000


The Pirate Ship of 1995. Former SSQQ Staffers Mike Hitzhusen and Hannah Baker (now Mrs. Hitzhusen) climbed aboard the Jolly Roger and plundered their way to much fun.


On a more recent note in 2002 Linda Cook and her daughter Sam are seen here combining to come as a hammock. How they made the green tree is still a mystery!!


Mitch and Madelyn. Madelyn came as a sort of Bridal Carrie and she got a lot of attention because the blood looked real. Plus her smile seemed so spooky at times. 1997


Also from the 2000 party, this lady came as a female flasher. She shocked quite a few people!!  Immediately after flashing she would cover up and you weren't quite sure what you had just seen.


What made these three M&M costumes clever was that Alan Schultz had a sign on his back that said, "I'm the one with the nuts".  1986.


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