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Lifetime Achievement Award: Three Famous Ladies.

Carol Gafford was a big part of the early SSQQ Halloween Parties.  She set the original standard for our lifetime achievement award by coming to every party for several years running and always had a great costume. 

Carol liked to use the opportunity to reveal her marvelous figure and the men appreciated her generosity.  I remember Carol got to dance often because the men lined up for the chance to dance with her.  

Carol's best outfit is not pictured here because it is one of the Top Ten Costumes in SSQQ Halloween history and I have saved it for later.  The missing costume is awesome.

Solo. 1983


With Aubrey Passafuma 1984


With Marsha Rusoff 1983


Tracy Mouton Nolte (she married in 2001) made her SSQQ Halloween Party debut in 1999 in grand fashion.  I consider her Cleopatra outfit to be the prettiest costume in the history of my party.  Not only was the costume gorgeous, but Tracy's voluptuous figure and uncanny resemblance that night to Elizabeth Taylor made her captivating.  I do not know Tracy well so I don't know who her companion was that night, but his costume was very impressive in its own right.  What a treat for all of our guests to behold!!

I think Tracy was well aware of the sensation her costume caused and decided to rejoin us the following year. In 2000 Tracy came as Little Red Riding Hood. She made our Best Costume list for the second year in a row. 

In 2001 Tracy made it a Hat Trick with her Cat Woman costume. She knows how to wear clothes.  And yes, she made our Best Costume list once again.  

It is my understanding that Tracy is involved in Argentine Tango, but this a rumor. I do not know if she attended the 2002 Party, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!







Letty Molina was also at the 1999 Halloween Party.  Coincidentally her 'I Dream of Jeanie' costume landed her on Best Costume List as well. I might add she looked very good in that outfit.  There was little left to the imagination and her curves were quite impressive.

Apparently I wasn't the only guy who thought so - just five months later Letty married Patrick Dougherty on Saint Patrick's Day, March 2000.   Later that year Letty again made the best costume list with Patrick matching her cops and robbers outfit. 

In 2001 Letty and Patrick landed on the Best Costume list again, although I am not quite sure what their costume was.  Viking Prince and Princess?  Help me out, somebody. All I know is they both looked great together. 

In the Houston Chronicle every year you have the best dressed list. Many of society circle's biggest names land on it year and year.  So here you have two beautiful women who made the SSQQ best dressed list three years in a row.  

Are they aware of each other's presence??   After all, I don't recall ever seeing them take classes together nor are either of them active at the studio at the moment.  Odds are they have never crossed paths.  But then again, maybe they have clicked the SSQQ Best Dressed page a time or two and are quite aware of the competition.  Such a riddle.







My guess is that they have indeed scoped each other out.  I ran across some evidence. 

In a show of mutual respect, Tracy and Letty hung out together at the 2001 doing one of the things both women do best - smile for the camera. And I am glad they did.  As a result we are fortunate have two more great pictures of two very beautiful women.  



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