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Boys Dressed as Girls

Over the years the SSQQ Halloween Party has had more than its share of men in drag. 

Our very first cross-dresser was this man seen dancing with his girlfriend in 1984.  Notice he/she is leading with the left hand and looking pretty comfortable at leading the Twostep.  At a glance, this guy was attractive and had a nice figure.  Look for yourself.  


In 1985 this couple came dressed the same except the man had gotten even better looking. Check out the nails and the makeup.  Now here's the shocker - to this day I still don't know who they were!!  Even stranger, I had my picture taken with him and still didn't know his identity!!


Ah, yes, Brian and friends as the infamous naughty Girl Scouts in 2002.  All three of the girls had more wicked fun than I think should be allowed with their costumes.  Ask them about the Merit Badges they were working on at the party...


This is Tom Edens dancing with Margie Saibara in 1984. Tom came dressed as Tootsie with a resemblance to the Mayor Kathy Whitmire.  His costume was so good you didn't even notice the mustache!! The next night he won the costume contest at Wild West.


And here is Lifetime Achievement winner Steve Bahnsen, 1994, coming as his alter ego, Carmen Miranda.  More about Steve later on. 


Here we have Brad pictured with SSQQ Staffer Kathleen LaBounty in 1999. 


Another Lifetime Achievement winner is Rocky Kneten seen with Laura Wilde in 1998. 


I am sorry, but with that beard, I thought Richard Weisberg was one ugly woman in 1986.


Karl Rorabacher amazed people at the 1999 party.  These pictures do not do justice to how perfect he was as a 'she'.  I was so fooled I spent some time checking 'her' out.  I thought Karl was the best looking woman at the party!!  It wasn't until Paula Morris told me that I realized it was Karl!


In a situation reminiscent of the song 'Lola', I had a man ask me who she was because he wanted to dance with her.  Imagine his face when I explained the truth. I had women agreeing with me that Karl was one of the best looking woman at the party.  Karl definitely played with our heads that night!


Ah yes. And now we come to the notorious John Anderson. Name a year and John came dressed as a woman.  This is from 1999. Did I mention that John considers himself a Tramp?


Here Stephen Pirsch flirts with Claudette while taking advantage of John in 2000.  Though John is dressed a bit classier this year, he is still a tramp. He doesn't mind being pawed a bit.


Now I am positive that Sorrell Warren prefer I not dig up this 1995 evidence.  John had Sorrell and a hot Cowboy Cheerleader for company that year.  He must have been thrilled. 


Oh lord what do we have here?  Sandy Baggett had the misfortune of being filmed with both of our notorious drag queens. She would be mortified if she knew an unsuspecting guest told me the one in the middle looked pretty good for a guy.  Sandy should be more careful who she is seen with!!


Another year (2002), same story. Stephen molests John while having his arm around another woman (I believe her name is Linda).  Is it my imagination or does Linda look a little worried at what is going on here?   Maybe she should be more careful who she is seen with too!!


And now for Robert Goins who in 2000 came as the unquestionably the ugliest woman in history. However just to show that no bad deed goes unpunished, Robert had a little surprise waiting for him later.  It seems a girl at the party saw Robert and had an interesting idea.


 She called a friend of hers who just happened to be a female body builder.  Once she showed up, together they made a striking couple to say the least!!  And to Robert's credit, he just kept on smiling and kept on taking pictures.  Once a ham, always a ham.  Isn't that how the saying goes?


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