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Darth Vadar first appeared at our party in 1983.  That is his girl friend with him.  He easily had the best costume that night.  The problem was that no one knew who he was. 

 He and his girl friend came again in 1984.  Everyone admired his costume but had no clue as to his identity.  Neither of them ever danced!!  They just went around being photographed and hanging out.  Finally Marsha Rusoff talked to them. Marsha discovered they weren't dancers.  They had been invited by friends in 1983 and came back the next year on their own because they liked their first SSQQ Party so much.  Darth never spoke to anyone - just his girlfriend.

 Darth and his girlfriend made a final appearance in 1985. As usual no one learned their name. Darth Vadar was a very big man.  Jim Smith was 6' 5".  So was Darth.  I miss him. 
I miss both of them.

So what do you think... same guy as above with a new girlfriend and a Wookie buddy??  Or maybe he's the Wookie and loaned his old Darth outfit out?

I have seen this pretty girl in pictures from other parties. When I run across more evidence, I will update. 

2002 Party, Page 12

2002 Party, Page 17


1997  Steve as Carmen Miranda. He has done Carmen several times. He says it is his favorite costume and loves to wear it.

1998  The Werewolf in London. This was easily Steve's most elaborate costume and put him onto our Best Costume list. I might add Steve did his makeup himself. 

1999  The Satyr Masochist. Too bad the picture is too dark to see the lower part of the costume which makes him a Satyr. Do you get the feeling Steve might be an exhibitionist??

 Here Steve subjugates his individuality to merge with the costumes of the Group. Not really a team player when it comes to costumes, this year Steve came dressed as one of the Blues Brothers and the Big Lip Girls. Pictured are Steve, Paul Motard, John Hall, Bill Steward, and Glen Morris. Ladies are Donna Motard, Mickey Hammond, Paula Morris, and Pam Steward.   2001

2002. Seen here with his friend Judith Williams, the only word to describe Steve is 'shameless'.

Rocky Kneten made our Best Costume list four years in a row. He began his streak in 1997 when he came dressed as a Wild and Crazy Guy. 

The following year he was quite striking as a lady in red. Pictured with his friend Laura Wilde, Rocky seemed far too at ease in that dress.  I believe he even dyed his mustache to match his hair. 

In 1999 Rocky came as a Mexican Folk Hero. He never spoke a word. Laura was his interpreter. She explained his costume and his legend to anyone who asked.

It is Rocky's place where his friends Joanne & Darryl Armstrong throw their annual Leather and Lace Party.  I am glad Laura was willing to act as Rocky's interpreter. Believe me, she was asked a lot of questions!! Also pictured is the notorious Gillian Tilbury. 
We are going to learn a lot more about Gillian on our next page.

In 2000 Rocky came as a man taking a shower. In a nice turn of events, he was able to speak to us while he was getting clean. Rocky is a very interesting guy. 


And now for the conclusion of our story on the history of 25 years of costumes at the SSQQ Halloween Party. 

This is our chance to see my 10 All-Time favorite costumes and read the stories behind them.   "

Unfortunately I am not going to tell you how to get to that page. Figure it out yourself.

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