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The 1998 SSQQ Halloween Party

Have you ever seen a more beautiful couple?


This guy's Mummy was incredible

Monster Mike Flowers.
What does Jill see in him?

The infamous dueling Monicas shot,
Gillian Tilbury and Joanne Armstrong brought the house down with these outfits.

Oh Rhett, Oh Scarlett!!

Stevie Wonder, aka Mr. Bahnsen,
wore an unbelievable Werewolf in London outfit.

Pretty cute cavegirls, yes??

Ma and Pa Kettle

Rocky and Laura as Ladies in Red

Tom and Margaret Easley
as the King and Queen of Hearts

Gosh, if she only had her eyes open!
Great James Bond shot

Two gorgeous dresses

Ed the handsome Spanish Conquistador and lovely Cindy in her belly dance costume

The lovely Spanish Conquistadora. Too bad we
didn't get the two in a picture together.

Karen and Tony Catalano wore beautiful
Flamenco costumes

Roaring 20s

I'm not sure this was actually a costume...

The gorgeous Saloon Girl and the Court Jester

Judy Archer nails Lucy Ricardo

Claudette and John. One is wearing too little clothing and the other is wearing too much.

What a great idea!!

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