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These are the Top 20 Pictures from the 1999 Halloween Party. 
(No distinction made btw Top 10 and Runnerups)

Antony & Cleopatra.  Considered the best costume for a couple ever. Fabulous!  It doesn't hurt that the lady is a dead ringer for Liz Taylor

The Satyr Masochist and the Roaring 20's Girl

Body Parts !
Jeffery Dahmer would be drooling.

The M&Ms!   They met at the studio in a Swing class
and married a couple years later.

The Witch Doctor was wonderful! She cast a spell on me & I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her name is Barbara Herndon. I heard it took her 2 hours
to get the makeup off afterwards.

Rocky came as a Mexican Super Hero.
If you look carefully, the name of the hero is printed on his costume. Maybe you know the story.

Jeremy the Flasher.
This guy is a doctor in real life.

The Flapper and "I Dream of Jeanie".
What a figure!!

Princess Amidala from Star Wars.
What an elaborate costume and makeup job!

There were so many Renaissance couples at the party I thought I was in Magnolia by mistake

The lady in the middle is the only one in this picture who is actually a "lady".  The gentleman on the right actually passed as a woman for half the night till someone recognized him.

The wonderful and amazing Joanne and Daryl Armstrong as shagdelicious Austin Powers and honey.

As I was saying about the number of marvelous Renaissance Festival costumes...

A marvelous piece of cross dressing for both!!
Too cute.

This guy is the best thing to wear a hat since Hoss in Bonanza.

Wow!  I have no idea who he was.
He kept that mask on all night.

Move over, Xena. This lady looked the part!!

Sylvia Tucker in a lovely Renaissance era dress.

That has to be the ugliest night gown
I have ever seen!  My, what big teeth you have!

Nice job of makeup!!

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