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These are the Top 10 Costumes from the 
2003 Halloween Party. 

2003 Honorable Mention

The Egyptians.  What a gorgeous costume.  
Richard Arredondo and friend Kat

The Geisha and the Samurai.
Melissa Gauthier and Randy Winfrey

ZZ Top. Awesome!!
Does anyone know who they were?

The Chef and Miss Spaghetti.
Jim Colby and Marlane Kayfes

Who can resist a sexy alien woman 
like Susan Robinson??

Diana, the Star Wars Miss Universe!!  Nice ears and nice touch on the third eye!  Click here for a funny story about her costume.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Great costume - read more!!    Warren Milne

The Diminutive Pimp & the Massive 'Woman of the Night'. Michelle and Trent were a big hit!

Not only did Maureen have an eye-catching dress,
I also thought she had a lot of guts to wear it.

Kerry Pelham as Paul Stanley, the Star Child from Kiss. She did her own makeup - marvelous!

Not only did the Mummy get our vote for a Top 10 Costume, her friend Frank pitched in to win "Best Couple" for this duo. Now, who are they??

Best Group Picture
Garald and Virginia McEathron combined with Melissa, Randy, and LeeAnn Tran
to effortlessly beat out all the other group pictures.  Leeann's dress was beautiful!!

So who won "Best Costume" for 2003??  
I was kind of partial to the Mummy, but then I have a soft spot for monsters.  
I also thought ZZ Top and Kiss were pretty awesome.  Too tough to pick.
Why don't we vote for it?  Send your choice to  dance@ssqq.com   

While you are at it, tell me the names of our anonymous winners!!  One more thing - if any of our winners write in, be sure to write a little bit about your costume and your experience wearing it at the party!
Thanks, Rick Archer

The Story of the Hunchback Costume:

"I saw your question on the internet about who was the Hunchback. I must confess I am the Hunchback. 

My name is Warren Milne - I have taken a month of 2 step and cha cha lessons at SSQQ.  I made the constume myself and had help with the make-up, and some of the cutting of the pants and shirt.  The hump was a Wal-Mart bag filled with popcorn.  I was delighted that no one recognized me as that was the intent.  I ask many of the ladies to come to my bell tower and ring my bells but had no takers. 

The teeth were held in with dentu-creme, over my real teeth- I donít have false teeth yet - ha.  The reactions were various, in that some were repulsed and some loved the idea.  The worst of the situation was that I had to cut off my moustache in order to glue the eye to my face. I am now in the process of re-growing the moustache.  I look forward to more lessons when the schedule works out.

Thanks for a great party!   Warren"

"Diana's costume was great, but from a dancing physics perspective it had a fatal flaw - one of the planets "orbiting" her always came to rest under her left shoulder blade but couldn't be seen from the front, so coming back to closed every time, the lead would inevitably grab the planet, and not her. The funniest part of the costume, though, was her traveling third eye - it started the evening in the center of her forehead, but she experimented with various locations for it as the night went on. The most amusing was when she had it staring out from the middle of her chest for a while, to which I remarked that at least that way, guys would always be looking her in the eye one way or another."

Contributed by John Defenbaugh




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