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These are the Top 10 Runner-up Costumes from the 2003 Halloween Party. 

The 2003 Best Costumes

Mona Nashed and her beautiful Egyptian dress!
Did you know Mona was born in Egypt?

The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. 
Does anyone know her name?

Judy Walsh as a 
"Southern Lady"

The Prom Queen and her date. 
Does anyone know their names??

Martin Thomas as the Blues Man!! He should wear this to Mardi Gras on the SSQQ cruise!!

Jason Heise as Daryl Armstrong. If you are clever, you can wear a simple costume & win anyway!

Jim Landureth and Linda Zane as 
Snow White and Prince Charming

You know, it was just a mask, but darn it, it was funny!!  Now, who is he??

George Rahbany as the Street-Smart Pimp. 
Turning the girls on with a little skin!!

The Dead Captain of the Titanic. A near-miss for the Top 10.  Now, who is he??

So, Who Had the Best Costume for the 2003 Party?  
Send your choice to  dance@ssqq.com   

While you are at it, tell me the names of our anonymous winners!!  
One more thing - if any of our winners write in, be sure to write a little bit about your costume
 and your experience wearing it at the party!    Thanks, Rick Archer


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