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2005 Best Costumes

These costumes also deserve acknowledgement in our list of
Costumes from the 2005 Halloween Party. 

Letty and Patrick Dougherty

Mara Rivas and a friend

Lisa Palmer and Bryan Spivey

Stan Romney and friend Deborah as
Popeye and Olive Oyl

Marge Galle wearing a Russian dress

Maureen Huddleston as Trick or Treat

Aksana Almaguer as a Grapevine
and friend Rusty

Brian Watson as a Space Storm Trooper 

I don't know her name, but her makeup job
is awesome!

Mike Flowers with a great mask!


I don't know who this guy is, but he had great fun
all night long scaring the heck


out of various ladies by suddenly stabbing them
in the middle of a dance!

Runner-up Best Group Picture - The Hippies!
The 60s were clearly "in" this year as Love Children were all over the place. My favorite memory of this group came when Morgan, the pretty girl in pink who is in the 10th grade, revealed she didn't have a clue what the significance of her costume was. "My Dad picked it!"   Gosh I feel old.




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