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2007 Runner-up Winners

These are the Top 10 Costumes from the 2007 Halloween Party. 

Dakota Wilhelm and Julia Garcia easily won the Best Costume for
a Couple.  I don't I will get much argument.   Amazing.  Julia came up and talked to me during the evening.  Her makeup was so good I was lost.  Finally I gave up & asked, "Do I know you?"

Andy Regnier had this amazing Brazilian Carnavale Costume.  It was so big she couldn't wear it to the studio.  She had to come in the door, then begin to get dressed while everyone watched.  Sort of a 'Reverse Striptease'.  Andy wins our "Best Costume for an Individual". 

Maurice Sosa wore a pretty amazing costume for the second year in a row.  Linda Cook's Parrot costume gets the award with her  for "Best Homemade Costume".  Linda is very creative.

Stan Romney and his lovely friend Debbie came as Geppetto and Pinocchio complete w puppet strings and all.  Wonderful!

Rebecca Thayer and Joe Pikas wore this amazing Spanish costume.
It was so beautiful!

I wish I knew her name, but this lady's "Ghost Rider" costume was the hit of the party.  She actually DANCED in that outfit!

Mara Rivas and Bruce Hanka were not the only Pirates at the Party, but their costume was unbelievably colorful and pretty.

Jack Benard and Jackie Chang were pretty amazing Pirates
 in their own right!

Ana Torres and Bob Graham stayed in these costumes throughout the party.  Not once did we see their faces!

Gary Schweinle and Tracy Kirkland came as Zoot Suit
Swing Dancers.  Gary liked the hat.  I have to agree.


Best Group Picture - The Pirates of the Caribbean!

BEST GROUP PICTURE -  The Pirates Win!

There are two kinds of Group Pictures - Intentional and Unintentional. 
The Best Intentional Group Picture in studio history goes to the amazing Wizard of Oz Gang back in 2004.  Unfortunately in 2007 there were no "Intentional" Group Pictures.  Too bad.  It could be a lot of fun. 
Pirate Costumes have won the "Unintentional" Group Picture before (e.g. 2005). 
However I don't we have ever had as many Pirates as we did this year.   That's quite a collection of troublemakers!

By the way, don't forget to check out the "Runner-Up" Costume Page for 2007.




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