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2007 Best Costumes

These Excellent Costumes get the award for Runner-up
Costumes at the 2007 Halloween Party. 

Sharon Michaels as a Fairy and George as Pinocchio.

Cher Longoria as Snow White.  She is so pretty.

Tony Smith and his date wore impressive Ghost Costumes.

Leanne Parkinson and Sol Eisenbaum were wonderful in their
Good and Evil costumes.

I would have to say that Bette Polishak and Tom Huddleston as
KoTex and GoTex were the hand's down winners of
the "Funniest Costume Award". No doubt about it. 

I am pretty sure this couple is Keith Patterson & Penney Gunderson,
but I am not positive.  Nor am I sure what their costume was. 
All I can say is I was fascinated and amazed.

I don't know what he is or who he is,
but that is a pretty awesome costume.

That is me and Ana Torres. Didn't we look good together? Ana, who is an attractive blond in real life, was so cool in her monster costume.

Sean Kim wore an impressive Spaceman costume.

Mike Flowers and his girlfriend Jill have worn many
wonderful costumes over the year.

That's Lisa Lee in the middle, but I do not know who her friends are.

That's Ulyses and Noe Rosas with Teresa and another lovely lady.

How Dakota and Julia danced in those costumes I will never know.

Furthermore our Ghost Rider was a fixture on the dance floor.

Runner-up Best Group Picture - The Monsters!
They didn't get their picture taken together, but they should have. They were definitely gruesome!




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2006 Best Costumes

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