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These are the Top 10 Costumes from the 2008 Halloween Party. 

Stan Romney and his lovely friend Debbie came as the Big Bad Wolf and Little Riding Hood.

I don't know their names or how to describe what they are wearing other than 'leather', but they get my vote as the hottest couple.
Aha, the mystery revealed: Morris and Anjelica

Bob Graham, a mystery man, and Ana Torres get a special ENDURANCE AWARD.
These three stayed in these costumes throughout the party. Not once did we see their faces!!

What is especially frustrating about the Invisible Man is that he spoke to me like we were best friends all night long.  I assume his secret identity will be revealed eventually. Let me add I thought his outfit was out of sight!

Bob and Ana in 2007

As for our two other Mystery Monsters, I know very well who they are!  Meet Bob Graham and the lovely Ana Torres!

Now I have feeling that Bob is a born mischief maker.  Look at that grin!  But who would think such a sweet, innocent-looking lady like Ana would dream of coming to a party two years in a row as a hideous monster!?!

As for Ana, she is too pretty.  Who would ever think such a horrible monster could have such inner beauty!

Rick Archer and Ana in 2007


Newlyweds Mara Rivas and Bruce Hanka won for the second year in a row as Pirates.  Yes, this year's pirate outfit is different from last year.
I deducted one style point for repetition,
but who can deny how wonderful they look!

Sol Eisenbaum and Leanne Parkinson were just too cute as the Marx Brothers.  By the way, I am too much of a gentleman to comment on Lee Ann's big grin.

Leslie and Nick Tenaro came as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Leslie gets extra credit for creating the costumes herself!

Nick Aghazarian and Barbara Smith were pretty wonderful.  Nick is a rock star and Barbara, well, I'm not sure what Barbara is (football fan?), but I like it!

 Joe Kintz and Bonnie Adams certainly had two
of the most beautiful costumes this year

I think Tresa Frazier made this outfit herself. 
Isn't she a hoot!?

Words do not totally describe the wonder of a 6' 8" man in a grass skirt.
That's a pretty cute sailor too!  Hats off to Jess and Pat Carnes.

Joel Konkel and Lori Hill came as the Devil and the Devil's consort.
I heard they had a hell of a good time at the party.

Karl Rorabacher and Troublemaker Phyllis Porter.  This is the second time Karl has come to the Halloween Party dressed as a woman.  He was quite a hit back in 1999 as well.

Another look at the tall guy with the beautiful long legs.

 Best Group
Picture -
 Stars of the 2008 Presidential Election!

2008 BEST GROUP PICTURE -  The Sarah Palins and Joe the Plumber Steal the Show!

Mike Dwyer as Joe plus Teresa O'Donnell, Caroline Kelley, and Lacy Crary as our three Sarahs.  I heard there was a guy in a moose outfit who ran every time Caroline came near with her shotgun.  Boy, I would love to had that picture!

There are two kinds of Group Pictures - Intentional and Unintentional.  The Best Intentional Group Picture in studio history goes to the amazing Wizard of Oz Gang back in 2004.  This year we had two intentional Groups plus one 'unintentional' group.  The nod for the Best  Group Picture goes to Sarah Palin and company.


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