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These are the Top 10 Costumes from the 2009 Halloween Party. 

Rick Archer's Note:  If you think my decisions are misguided and your costume deserves to be on this list, try making a bribe.  That's all it takes to improve your results. 

Anjelica and Moris 2008

Last year Anjelica and Moris were robbed!! 

I voted them as the "Hottest Couple" at the 2008 Party, then clumsily assigned them to the Runner-up page.

Why weren't they on the first page?  What was I thinking? They had great costumes!

So this year I came to my senses. I promoted their picture from the Runnerup Page to the 2008 Best Costume page. 

So naturally some of you will wonder why I would go to all this trouble a year later.  Did Moris slip me a twenty? 

I will never tell!  Although I realize it is a poorly kept secret that I use the payoffs from the Best Costume page as an annual salary boost, maybe I did it because their 2008 costume deserved it. 

By the way, check out their 2009 costume!  I would like to acknowledge Anjelica and Moris for their continued amazing costumes.  Wow!

Anjelica and Moris 2009


Linda  2009

I am not quite sure what Linda's costume is, but I think it might be a fish.  Bass?  Trout?  Tilapia?

Linda is no stranger to the winner's circle.  Not long ago, Linda made the list in 2007 with her parrot costume.

What makes Linda's costumes special is that she makes them herself from scratch.

Linda's most famous costume was her "Dancing with Trees" in 2002.

As you can see, Linda is very creative.

Maurice Sosa and Linda 2007





Stan Romney and Debbie have been in the winner's circle several times. 

When I get ready to update our Costume Hall of Fame page, I think I have a spot for these two.

In 2008 Stan and Debbie came as the Big Bad Wolf and Little Riding Hood.

The year before in 2007 it was Gepetto and Pinocchio. 

Aren't they great?

Stan and Debbie as the Vikings, 2009


The 2009 Winner of the Best Costume Award: Bob and Ana plus Ana's sister

In 2009, Bob Graham and his fiancée Ana Torres solidified their place in our Halloween Costume Hall of Fame with these great costumes.  I am fairly certain that's Ana in the middle.  That is Ana's sister beside her as well.  I have no idea what Ana's sister looks like!  What bothers me is that maybe that is what Ana's sister really looks like.  This possibility forces me to think twice about Ana.

I have never really thought about it before, but maybe Ana is an alien. No, not the swimming kind of alien, but rather an ET alien.  By day, Ana is a beautiful, funny, gracious blonde.  But what if that pretty face is really just a mask?  What if Ana is an extraterrestrial?  What if Halloween is the only day of the year when Ana can let down her guard and come to our parties as herself? 

Personally, if Ana does turn out to be a human after all, I don't know how she stays cooped up in those outfits all night long.  The amazing thing about Bob and Ana is that they stay in those hot, heavy masks for the entire evening.  How do they do it?

Most people would scream from the heat or the claustrophobia, but not these guys.  2009 was the third straight year that they stayed in costume all night.  Personally, I don't think I could take the suffering.  Dancing is nearly impossible.  Conversation is nearly impossible.  I don't even know how they drink a glass of wine! 

What I find amazing is that Ana enjoys wearing these bizarre outfits. I think Ana is a beautiful woman and yet she could care less about being beautiful. Ana would rather be gruesome and stick her massive tongue out at people.  Some day she will explain it to me.  Or maybe I have already guessed the truth.

Incidentally, 2010 was a pretty good year for Bob and Ana.  They both got dressed up in a different kind of costume and got married in March. 

Rumor has it Bob and Ana stayed in costume throughout the ceremony and the reception as well.  After all, they have had more practice wearing costumes than the average guy!

Don't they look happy?  These guys really know how to have fun.  In particular, I am tickled to see they didn't wear matching outfits for their wedding. 

Even better, I am so glad that Ana's tongue-reduction surgery went well.  Last Halloween she had the biggest tongue I have ever seen.

Bob and Ana in 2008.  Bob is Chuckie. 
Ana is the one with the cute hairdo.

In 2008 Bob and Ana found a soul mate in the Invisible Man.  This man (or maybe it was a woman) stayed in costume the entire night just like Bob and Ana.  Not once did we see any of their faces!! 

What was especially frustrating to me about the Invisible Man was that he spoke to me like we were best friends all night long.  I am certain he is among us somewhere.

No one knows who the Invisible Man was. Neither Bob nor Ana could help.  They told me they don't have any idea who the Invisible Man was. I guess we are lost unless the Invisible Man reappears. 

Bob and Ana in 2007

Here are their 2007 Costumes. On the left you see Bob Graham and the lovely Ana!

Now I have feeling that Bob is a born mischief maker.  Look at that grin!  But who would think such a sweet, innocent-looking lady like Ana would dream of coming to a party three years in a row as a hideous monster!?!

As for Ana, she is way too pretty. Bob is a lucky guy.  And yet who would ever think such a beautiful woman could turn out to be such a monster!  By the way, I have a big crush on Ana.  I think you can tell from our great picture together.  I love her big eyes. I love her big tongue. She brings out the Devil in me.  What a gal!

Rick Archer and Ana in 2007

Another person I have a big crush on is Tresa Reasor.  Tresa takes Halloween even more seriously than I do.  She has watched every Halloween monster movie ever filmed.  In fact, Tresa helped me create a unique monster movie puzzle.

Tresa is another person who makes her own costumes.

I am embarrassed to say I don't know what her 2009 costume is.  I see feathers so I suppose she is a bird, but I have never seen a pink bird before other than a flamingo.  Maybe Tresa is a flamingo.  I saw her standing on one leg all night, so that must be it.

Whatever that bird is, Tresa made a very impressive outfit. 

Good work, Tresa!

Tresa 2008


The Celebrated
All That Jazz
Family in 2008

Joyful Joy All That Jazz made her debut in the 2009 winner's circle with her lovely dress.  Being a boy, I am not quite sure of the exact description or era of that dress.  Nevertheless, I am impressed enough to declare Joy a winner.

Last year in 2008 Joy made the Best Costume list with this group picture of her wonderful All That Jazz family. However, this year Joy pulled a Diana Ross and ditched the Supremes to go solo.  No more team player for Joy!  She was ready to be a star, not an ensemble player. 

Nothing could be more indicative of Joy's selfishness than her continued refusal to get married in order to help her family win the coveted "SSQQ biggest family ever on a cruise trip" award.  As cute as she looks in that outfit, Joy could get married in a flash if she would just stop trying to be such an individual.


I am not positive who came as Darth Vadar and Yoda, but judging from the height differential, I am guessing our Star Wars duo is Jack and Jackie Benard.

Jack and Jackie are perennial fixtures on my Best Costume list with at least a half dozen appearances. In 2008 they came as hippies.

I am sure Jack and Jackie will make my Hall of Fame list when I get around to updating it.


I am very sorry to say I don't know who this couple is.
I loved their costumes!

I don't think we have ever had anyone do Marie Antoinette before.
That is Omar Ayala and his fiancée Rachel Barnes


Mike and Sheila came as Spanish Conquistadors. 

Their costumes were absolutely beautiful.


George and Marsha came as the Tequila duo. 

Marsha frequently puts herself in charge of making the margaritas at SSQQ parties.  In the process she has earned herself the nickname "Marsharita", a title which I happen to like.

George hasn't made the Halloween best costume list for a while, but he was a big winner back in 2004 as the cutest Dorothy you would ever want to see.   That's Toto in the basket. Love the red slippers.



Best Group
Picture -  Gilligan's Island!

Lin Mills as Mrs Thurston Howell, Nancy Brand as Mr. Thurston Howell, Ed Miller as Gilligan, Bill Abbott as the Professor, Judy Foster as Mary Ann, Larry Bench as the Skipper, and Glenda Lee as a dead ringer for Ginger.  They are so wonderful!

I would have to say the 2009 Gilligan's Island group rivals the best group we have ever had.

Until now, my all-time favorite was the 2004 Wizard of Oz group featuring Dorothy. 

I would have to say Gilligan's Island gives them a run for their money.

I really don't want to pick a favorite, so let's call it a tie.  Both groups are terrific!!

I really love our Halloween Parties.

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