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These Excellent Costumes get awards for 2009 Runner-up Honors

Rick Archer's Note: All of these costumes narrowly missed making the "2009 Best Costume" page.  Fortunately, it is not too late to change the judge's decision.  Just a little bribe in the right direction will ensure a promotion.


That is Tracy and the Big Bad Wolf.  I am not sure who that is behind the mask.  Maybe Tracy will let me know.

Loved the tie, by the way! 

My what big eyes he has!  And such big hands too!

I wonder if he is big all over?

I want to continue... but I'll stop here.

(A Note from Tracy -

Hey Rick..... loved the Halloween pictures from last year.  The guy (big bad wolf) in the picture  with me is Keith Rein.  Keith likes to go to your parties incognito.....but I am going to rat him out this year. 

Wasn't that a great costume?  Keith had a hat on also....but it got lost as we went thru the "maze of horror".  Anyway....you will have to ask him about "the other questions" yourself.... :-)   Tracy


Kurt and Jean and Bruce and Mara came as the Barcelona Bunch.  Don't the ladies look wonderful with their handsome husbands beside them?

All four were part of the wonderful Barcelona Cruise Trip that took place just a few weeks earlier in October 2009.

One of the highlights of the trip was watching Flamenco dancing.  Judging from those costumes, all four of them were ready to strut on the dance floor themselves.

And why not?  What better way to celebrate the memories?


Charley and Rowena 2008

Charley and Rowena are certainly no strangers to the winner's circle.

This year they went from Glam Disco Divas to hawking some fried chicken.

By the way, I like the chicken, Rowena.

Nice touch.

Charley and Rowena 2009 

Dana and Marc are newcomers to the Halloween Best Costume page. 

Personally speaking, as beautiful as Dana is, I wouldn't come anywhere near her. Marc actually seems ready to use that sword.

Aren't they adorable?

By the way, early in 2010, Marc and Dana announced their engagement.



Mike and Brenda 2008 - Joe the Plumber

Mike and Brenda in 2009 - Be True to your School!    


I don't who this couple is,
but I loved their Egyptian costumes

Kelly and Ruben were first time winners in 2009 with their Crusader and Medieval Dress costumes.  A striking couple indeed! 

I don't think I would be flirting with Kelly. Ruben is another guy who looks ready to use that sword.


Sol Eisenbaum and Leanne Parkinson
as Sylvester and Tweety Bird.
Thank you,
Jackie Chang, for revealing their identity!

Sol and Leanne Parkinson have visited the Winner's
circle several times in the past. 
Here is their wonderful 2008 costume.


Jim and Marlane are perennial fixtures on the Best Costume List. Over the past ten years, I think they have missed just one Halloween Party. 

Every year they show up with an original costume they make themselves.  Last year Jim was the Crocodile Hunter and... was Marlane a crocodile?

I will admit the 2009 outfit confused me a bit as well.  I saw they had automatic weapons and camouflage suits underneath, but I didn't get the purple balloons.

Then I noticed the caption on their caps.  "Grapes of Wrath".  Ah. Got it!

I wish more costumes came with an explanation attached.


Peggy and Keith 2009
Is that makeup or is that how they wake up? 


Peggy and Keith are previous winners of the Best Costume.  Above you see their fascinating 2007 'duality' picture.  I wish their intricate costume had come with an explanation attached. 

If I had understood it better, their costume might have been promoted to the "2007 Best" list on its own merits.  Too bad I had to subtract for feeling confused.  On the other hand, if I was too stupid to understand the concept, all they had to do was slip me some dough and steal the show.


Betty and Keith 2008

Betty and Keith are another couple who are repeat visitors to the Best Costume page. 

Their costumes aren't necessarily elaborate, but they are always cute to look at and I like their smiles.

Plus, unlike Keith and Peggy above, they pay well. 

Betty and Keith 2009


Nick and Leslie 2009

Nick and Leslie 2005

Nick and Leslie 2008

Nick and Leslie are another couple who are going to my Hall of Fame one of these days.  Leslie gets extra credit for creating her own highly unique costumes.  As you can see, she has a very 'fertile' imagination.

Nick gets a lot of credit too.  He makes his wife very happy by wearing her creations with a highly sensible attitude known as 'grin and bear it'. 


Jess and Pat 2008

Jess and Pat are yet another of the many couples who go out of their way every year to look special at our Halloween Party. 

The thing to remember is that getting a costume and then committing yourself to wearing it all evening is a lot of work.  It is time consuming to get the outfit, it is often very uncomfortable to wear it, and the stares you get wherever you stop on the way to the party can be quite embarrassing, especially when you are 6' 8" and wearing a grass skirt!

So I extend my thanks to all the people who have gone out of their way over the years to look nice for our party.  You are all wonderful!    RA

Jess and Pat 2009


 2009 Best Group Picture Runnerup -  The Crayons!

Steve, Laura, oops I forgot her name (help!), her husband Matt, and Jamie as the colorful crayon Group.

Great Costume, Guys!   I like costumes I can understand.
By the way, I like the pointy caps.  They really make the outfits work!


Cutest Picture Award

I loved this dance picture because I liked the way the lady's long blonde hair and her hippie vest worked together to give a delightful impression of motion.

I think the gentleman is Joseph, but I have forgotten the lady's name (Callie?). 

Somebody please help me out with her name!


By the way, I have one last addition to the Runner-up Best Costume. 

This costume did not originally make the cut. 

However, the more I stared at Lori and Joel's unusually imaginative Gangster and Flapper outfits, the more I was convinced it belonged on this year's page. 

Joel made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

It is with deep regret that I announce that Denise and Jim's Gangster outfit did NOT make the List, but Joel's did.

 Chad and Allison's Gangster outfit
did NOT make the List, but Joel's did.

And why did Joel's costume win and theirs didn't?  Take a guess!

Before I forget, thanks for viewing our 2009 Best Costume Page.  And my special Thanks to all of you for your many contributions throughout the years to all the great SSQQ Halloween parties.  

One last thing - it is never too late for your costume to win special recognition too.  Just ask Joel.  






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