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Halloween Puzzle Answer Sheet

Okay, everybody, home stretch.  You have one final hurdle to climb.

First you have to solve a riddle.  We are going to test your knowledge of movie titles to see if you are entitled to go to the next level.  Fortunately the riddle is not that difficult. 

Don't despair, the test is fair.

If you don't get the answer, the reason is that you have not seen enough monster movies or you haven't done enough monster homework on the Internet.

In other words, you are not yet worthy to get the answers. 

There is a message waiting for you in the six words below.

Take the first letter of each movie title or the name of the monster.  
(Note: Ignore "The".  for example "The Birds" should be "Birds")

Figure out each word.  Then you will know what to do next. 

Have fun and thanks for playing!  

Rick Archer







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