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The Description Page has six different sections :

Swing, Western, Latin/Ballroom, Whip, Miscellaneous, and Crash Courses.

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Freestyle Two Left Feet
Zydeco Lounge Dancing
Night Club Twostep Slow Dance and Romance

Crash Courses

Beginning Twostep Argentine Tango
Country Western Line Dances Advanced Western Waltz
Slow Dancing Foxtrot
Shaggie Jitterbug Sweethearts of the Rodeo
Night Club Threestep Swirley Twirley
Triple Two (aka Dallas Twostep) Acrobatics
Swing Circle Salsa Rueda
Beg Lindy Hop Latin Hustle
Dirty Dancing Zoot Suit Riot
Swing Line Dances Bolero
Western ChaCha Synchronized Polka
Sock Hop Line Dances Halloween Line Dances
Zydeco / Cajun Dancing Viennese Waltz
Quickstep Salsa Rueda
Swing Street Hip Hop Beginning Tap

Swing Classes

Swing Lindy Hop
Swing Acrobatics Lounge Dancing
Zoot Suit Riot Shim Sham
Shaggie Jitterbug

Western Classes

Two Step / Polka Western Swing
Ghost Town Death Valley
Western Waltz Western Cha Cha
Night Club Twostep Western Line Dances
Whip and West Coast Swing
Whip  West Coast Swing
Martian Whip Whip Superclass
Latin Classes
Salsa Mambo Samba
Salsa Merengue Rumba
Latin Cha Cha Bolero
Cumbia Salsa Rueda
Tejano Beginning Latin: Some Like it Hot
Ballroom Classes
Tango Beginning Ballroom
Argentine Tango Dancing in the Moonlight
Foxtrot and Boxfox Lounge Dancing
Waltz Slow Dance and Romance
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