Forbidden Love
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Forbidden Love!!

It was a dark and stormy night. They were alone in the house. The storm had come up quickly and a chill had entered the room. As the wind-driven rain battered the house, it seemed the wrath of an Irish Banshee was nigh!!  Each time the thunder roared he watched as she trembled in fear. He wanted to help her, but he knew it was wrong…

As the wind howled like a ghost separated from its soul, she stole a glance at him from across the room. He seemed so brave and powerful!! She admired his strong presence. She wished that he would take her in his arms, comfort her and protect her from the terrible storm that raged outside… 

Then she hated herself. Her secret thoughts were taboo; she knew that. She could never act on them!! It was a violation of every ethical code she had ever believed in. It was a Union totally forbidden in her culture. Yet she ached for his comfort so badly.... Suddenly a huge burst of lightning seemed to strike the very house itself!! The sky lit up, then the room plunged into total darkness as the power failed. She screamed in terror!! 

He could not help himself. She needed him! Without hesitation, he raced to the sofa where she lay trembling in terror. No horror of war could be any worse than this night!! Now together, he gently pulled her into the protective comfort of his arms. He knew he had crossed a forbidden barrier; he fully expected her to pull back. 

He was surprised, shocked even, when she didn't resist but instead clung to him. Relieved at first to feel the warmth of their bodies, soon they sensed a rapidly growing desire for each other. BOOM! The thunder screamed its fury again!! The whole world seemed to explode!

The entire house vibrated and shook as a bolt of lightning briefly tore away the curtain of darkness. For a moment the flash revealed two impassioned creatures locked in a lovers embrace. Tighter and tighter they held each other… It was forbidden love!! But they did not stop. They could not stop. It was far too late.

They had passed the Point of No Return. Helpless to the rapture that had overcome them, they surrendered completely to the lust that consumed their bodies!!

Deep from afar screamed a voice condemning their actions. It was wrong; their families would never understand and never forgive them!! But their passion raged hotter and burned away any remaining vestige of conscience. The temptation was too great; there in the darkness they were consumed in their frenzied animal lust. They touched each other in the intimate ways that only Lovers do… 

Now hopelessly lost in their desire, they did not hear the telltale creak as the door opened slowly… 

At that very moment the lights came back on, savagely searing away the cloak of darkness that had shrouded their sin.  There in the doorway, a photographer snapped their picture!!

They were caught in the Act!!  

There was no escape; their illicit secret was revealed!!  

How would they ever explain what they had done? 

(To read the startling conclusion of "Forbidden Love"…click here)

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