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Houston is absolutely smoking with
Swing Fever ! 

Never...we mean Never... before have we seen so many people lining up to take
Swing classes. The summer of 1998 saw more people learning to Swing Dance
than all of 1997 combined.

The fall of 1998  had Beginning Swing
classes at our studio of 100 people
3 nights a week !

January, 1999, had Beginning Swing classes
of 100 people 4 nights a week.

The Swing Extravaganza on January 9 had over 200 people.

You don't suppose something is happening, do you ?


As always, the music started it. Bands like the Cherry Poppin Daddies, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, and Mr "Jump Jive and Wail" from the famous Gap commercial Brian Setzer (one of the 3 original Stray Cats) started recording Swing music back in the mid 90's.
It sounded good then and it sounds great now. As a representative of the older 40 generation I didn't care for Rap, I didn't care for Grunge, but I really like this music !  It is so good to listen to and so much fun to dance to that it spans generations.

SSQQ was filled to the brim with high school and college students this summer getting their dance skills ready for the school year and they learned to dance right along with all the people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s !  Our Monday Night Swing Dance after classes averaged over 100 people !   There were so many people dancing it looked like a 1930's Dance Marathon around here !

The question is, has interest crested or will it get bigger?  The famous Big Band Swing Era lasted 10 years. If the music stays this good, we could be in for a long and glorious ride !!!

Swing classes at SSQQ are on Sundays, Mondays, and Saturdays.

For a closer look at times and dates,  click here
We will keep an eye out  for you !

What a Blast !
We have a Swing Party every Monday night at 9:15 -11 pm.

We also have a Swing Party on the second Saturday
of each month.

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Swing Acrobatics

Tresia Henderson and Paul Foltyn combine to teach their amazing Swing Acrobatics class both at their regular classes every other month on Sundays and at regular Crash Courses (maybe not the best name for this particular class...)

If you have ever seen them perform, they are totally awesome !  The Acrobatics taught are tricky, but not impossible.  Some of the moves have a bruise potential, but we do not teach dangerous patterns. 

Athletic ability helps,  but these moves are based on
timing, leverage, and cooperation rather than brute strength and anorexic weightlessness.

You will need a partner since these are not moves you want to try with anyone. If your regular partner has to miss you can invite a substitute. This great course will not be offered again soon so take advantage of the opportunity !


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Lounge Dancing !  

As 90’s Swing Music dominates, dancing calls
for  the knowledge of more than just Swing when
different types and speeds of music are played.

Lounge Dancing is course covers a different style
of Night Club dancing each week. 

This course teaches Closed Position Swing (moves for when the floor is crowded), Cha-Cha (for Latin music),
Night Club Threestep (a blend of Slow Dance and Latin), plus "BoxFox", a special form of Foxtrot perfect for
slower Swing music and small floors.
Learn all four in this unique 4 week class !

Note : This course is tailored specifically for music currently played in Houston’s Swing clubs. It assumes the floors will be crowded.

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If you would like to read the story of how Judy brought the Lindy Hop to Houston,
click here

Can't Top the Lindy Hop !

Lindy Hop is currently taught every Sunday.
Beginning and Intermediate Lindy are taught on
Sundays from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. Then from 7-9 pm on Sundays, Advanced Lindy Hop is taught by the Lindy Goddess Herself, Ms Catalina Island, Judy Archer.  

For your information, Judy personally brought Lindy to Houston. I happen to know because I watched her do it.

Back in the spring of 1995 a friend of ours named
Lester Buck brought back some Lindy videotapes from
a trip to New York. Judy was absolutely mesmerized and studied the tapes carefully. Since no else in Houston
knew a thing about Lindy, she attended the Lindy
camp on Catalina that summer.

She brought the dance back to Houston with her and started teaching Lindy in the fall of 1995 before anyone here knew it existed.  Now that everyone has heard of the Lindy, Judy is still Houston's leading authority on this clever, but complicated dance that became in the 1920's America's first Swing dance !

Join her on Sundays and see what all the fuss is about !

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