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December 2003
Message in a Bottle
Contributed by Leroy Ginzel



You might be surprised to know not everyone sees "sex" in this picture. Research has shown that young children cannot identify the intimate couple because they do not have prior memory associated with such scenario.

What they will see instead are the nine dolphins.

Additional note: This is a test to determine if you already have a corrupted mind.

If it's hard for you to find the dolphins within 3 seconds, your mind is indeed corrupted.

November 2003
The Number One Reason to Stay Sober At Halloween Parties
Contributed by Judy Walsh

This picture kinda speaks for itself,
 doesn't it?

October 2003
Bring Civilization to its Knees
Contributed by Gary Richardson

In light of the recent virus attacks from Sobig, Blaster, Klez, etc this cartoon joke is more ironic than funny.

However check out the date on this cartoon: 2000. This prophetic cartoon was three years ahead of its time. 

Makes you wonder if the worst is still yet to come...

September 2003
Intelligence Test for Men
Contributed by Bett Sundermeyer

Girls, show this picture to any man.
if he can find the missing waterfall
in less than a minute.

August 2003  Contributed by Lynn Griffiths

You are a South African Bush pilot. You fly in some critical medical supplies and enjoy a quick lunch at the far-flung hospital. Then you realize you are late for a very important meeting with your boss. As you step outside, you wilt under a stifling 106 degree temperature. To make things worse, as you near the plane, you realize you have a problem. The shade under your airplane wing has gotten mighty popular. You notice the door on the other side of the plane is unguarded. You wonder when these particular animals have last eaten and how important that meeting is. So you ask yourself "Just how lucky do I feel?"

July 2003

I have just one question: 

What do they need the car for?

June, 2003 - The Naked Ape
contributed by Marlies Whitmoyer and countless others. 

They say a girl has to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, but the wisdom failed to mention some girls have to try out different species before deciding to try humans.

May, 2003  Beware the Internet!!
The picture of Daschle on the left was contributed by Bett Sundermeyer

This month's joke isn't funny. Computer technology has made it very easy to play some very mean tricks. When the picture on the left was emailed to me, Daschle was busy denouncing our President over the Iraq War, a stand that made him widely unpopular at the time.

The picture of Tom Daschle on the left makes him out to be an idiot. 
The picture of Tom Daschle on the right took me 1 minute to reverse in my computer Paint Program.

I voted for Bush in the last election so I don't particularly care for Daschle one way or the other. However I don't enjoy being manipulated...  and I am sure you don't either.

April, 2003

A Night of Debauchery
Contributed by Bett Sundermeyer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am practically speechless on this one. 

I cannot imagine being this out of control, but obviously it happens.

Where are the other bodies?

March, 2003

Man's Centerfold Preference test.

When it comes to good looks and well-curved women, what kind of Woman do you prefer?? 

Blonde or Brunette?
Thin or Athletic?
Big chest or REALLY BIG chest?

February 2003

The Sign Painter
Contributed by Chris Holmes

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January 2003 
The Snowman Stickup
Contributed by Pat Roberts

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