Mind-Boggling Headlines
Last Update: December 2012

Rick Archer's Note: Some of these headlines are so absurdly stupid that I could not help but wonder if they were written deliberately. 

No one... REPEAT... no one can be that stupid.  Surely there has to be another explanation besides just plain stupidity.

Maybe the reason might be that this copy gets written at 1 AM in the morning and someone is in a hurry to beat a deadline.
Or perhaps the writer is drunk, stoned, or bored.  

But then I wonder, "How does this get past the copy editor?" 

Maybe the editor is stoned, drunk, or bored too.

At any rate, to me, the real mystery is how to explain why these headlines exist in the first place. 


Poor girl.  If she had been dead ahead of time,
she wouldn't have suffered.



Looks like she's ready to begin her own training



I think a bored sportswriter wrote this one deliberately



That is quite a scientific breakthrough



Anything I say will be deemed offensive by someone



Anything I say will be deemed offensive by someone



Last year they did ABC.  This year they added DFG

By the way, did you catch the misspelling?



Obviously Mississippi got the message.

By the way, did you catch the misspelling?



I suppose A-Rod should be more gentle. 
Maybe he should use his B-Rod



You read some of these headlines and you have to ask yourself,
"Is it possible people are really this stupid or are they just trying to see if the copy editor is paying attention?"



Hopefully they will survive Spring as well



Do you blame them?



Did the others come back to life?



Wonder if it can added to the fruit punch



Something was bound to hurt a little



And ladders help people rescue kitties from trees!



If ever an investigation was warranted...



Another mystery of the Universe revealed



Is that true for acne as well?



Some of the worst people attend those Open Meetings



Does the new attorney get hazard pay?



Gee, to think of all that wasted talent



What will Archie Bunker say about this?



Maybe they can read lips?



Desperate times call for desperate measures



No kidding



We should train our bodies to give more advance warning



How can anyone be proud of their own package
with that damn tower in the background?



By this logic, striking workers will go back to work in protest



And why the hell not?  Teach 'em to respect the law



This is one of my absolute favorites



But it saves so much money at the grocery store!!



A dyslexic alcoholic walked into a bra.  While he rubbed both eyes,
he asked himself why a bra is singular and panties are plural.



If the deaf can enjoy a barbershop quartet, I am sure the sighted can enjoy an eclipse on the radio



But did it save anyone?



Only one problem:  Civil War 1860-1865... Kitty Hawk 1903



The Profound Love between Siblings




I wonder if she's touchy about her name?



Must be a same sex wedding ritual



Who can swing when you are holding your nose? 



And what about his putter?



An excellent developmental toy!



C'mon, someone wrote this one deliberately



Was there anyone in the caskets?



These people really know their business!



I think I recognize him



They knew just where to look!



OMG... we could all be charged!



I actually remember seeing this one myself. 
I blinked at the time and asked myself, "Did I read that correctly?"  



Maybe they should check with God before making their ruling



I bet it is sitting right where they painted it.




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