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Ray Meyers and Janet Wukman get Married!  

Janet Wukman and Ray Meyers were married this weekend at the Sugarland Methodist Church. Chris Henderson served as best man. In Chris's toast to Janet and Ray, he took a stroll through memory lane of his single days with Ray, and how they used to patrol Houston's dance spots looking for eligible females together. He then introduced Janet as the woman who captured Ray's heart, first as a friend, and then as the love of his life. Chris said he would miss Ray's company on his night's about the town, but assured us that he would try to carry on without him.

Janet and Ray performed a wedding waltz (choreographed by our own Sharon Crawford and Pat Steerman). It was beautiful, of course!! Janet beamed happily and tried not to backlead (A bad habit acquired by some of the ladies on the performance team). Ray did a masterful job considering that he has only had 2 months of waltz classes and was extremely nervous. Janet admitted that when they disappeared from the reception, it was to find a room to practice in prior to their performance. (Do they sound like members of an exhibition dance team--trying to get in that last few minutes of practice!?!?!?)

Attending from Heartbeat: Susie and Bill Merrill, Sharon Crawford, Pat Steerman, Anita Williams, Brian White, Tony Catalano, Karen Day.


Theresa (Hazel) Cyr's Father is Getting Better!

Theresa Hazel and Tim Cyr were married a little over a month ago on June 17th. In a frightening moment, Theresa's father suffered a heart attack during the wedding. Here is an update:

Rick, Sharon Russell had sent you a message about Tim's and my wedding on June 17th, and about my dad's heart attack during the reception. I wanted to send you an update on my dad's condition, and was wondering if you could post this with our wedding announcement under the Heard It Through The Grapevine. 

I am very grateful and relieved to let you know that my dad is doing well.  Although heís still moving a little slow, he continues to improve physically and emotionally every day.  It wonít be long before heís back to his usual routine of being on the run.  He really is a miracle!!!  I know that all the prayers of those at the reception, and all those who heard about this difficult event, are the reason he is still alive!!!!!!  Itís truly a miracle he survived this heart attack, as my Dad has been through two open heart surgeries before this attack!!!  God is sooooo good!!!  Heís given our family another chance to be together and to have my dad in our lives.  My family, Tim and I donít know how to thank everyone who has supported and prayed for us during this trying time.  Please know that we appreciate all youíve done, and we will keep you in our prayers of thanks and gratitude. 

Theresa (Hazel) Cyr
University Career Services
University of Houston

To read the original story, click here


Franki Fowler Announces Engagement to Marty Macy!!

Longtime SSQQ dancer Franki Fowler (I used to call her "Franki Goes to Hollywood" after a current song. That song was recorded in the 80s!) saw me and my daughter Sam buying the new Harry Potter book at the Bookstop last week. She is thin and beautiful. Franki introduced me to her fiance and showed me her lovely ring. Then she was nice enough to send me this email:

Hi Rick, It was nice to see you and Amanda last weekend at the Bookstop. Just wanted to let you know a few specs if you have room in next month's newsletter to announce our engagement. 

I am engaged to Marty Macy, who also takes classes at SSQQ. That's where we met. Our wedding is scheduled for June 2001 at Holy Name Catholic Church. We'll both be back for waltz lessons so our first dance at the reception can be a romantic waltz. Here's a pic of the night we were engaged at Cavatore's (very romantic). 

I was not aware Franki had met Marty at SSQQ!  Goodness Gracious. As you know, Marty owns a famous line of department stores... (just kidding). Best Wishes!


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