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Monday Night
Chapelwood Methodist Church  - 

Begins Monday, October 3rd, $40 for four 90 minute classes in October.

Description:  Foxtrot, Nightclub and More...

“Nightclub is a graceful dance used to slow, romantic music such as ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers.  As it turns out, the patterns used to Nightclub can also be used to Foxtrot music such as Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. 

 Nor does it stop there.  The same patterns can be transferred to the sensual Latin dance known as Rumba with relative ease.  In addition, with a little imagination, the same patterns can be modified to fit Waltz music and Salsa music as well.

 The point of the class is to teach the important patterns of Nightclub, then to practice the patterns to five different types of music.  Why take five different dance classes when this unique class is sufficient to cover patterns common to five dance styles at once?”

To participate, simply come by Chapelwood and start.  For questions, please email Rick Archer,



Current Schedule

MONDAY NIGHTS - Current Schedule

TIME:  7:00 - 8:30 PM 

PRICE: $40 per person for the month  (cash or check, please)
To Register, just show up and sign up at the door.  Partners are not necessary. 

Instruction provided by Rick Archer

Classes are held in Chapelwood's YB 100-101... great wooden floor, complete privacy
(see map below).

Chapelwood is located in the Memorial area at 11140 Green Bay.  Please see map below.

Rick's Note about Chapelwood:  I have been teaching dance classes on Monday evenings at Chapelwood Methodist Church since October 2010.  Chapelwood is a lovely church with a beautiful room for us to hold our classes. I am grateful to Chapelwood for allowing me to conduct classes here. 


Map to Rick's House

Sometimes we do makeup classes at my house in the Heights.  I have a dance floor that handles 40 people.  713 862 2121


Rick's Dance Classes

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