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Monday Night
Chapelwood Methodist Church  - 

Begins Monday, March 6, $40 for four 90 minute classes in October.

Description:  The San Antonio Stroll  (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Polka:  Synchronized Polka, Side by Side Polka, and Triple Two)

Synchronized Polka

Synchronized Polka is a form of Western Polka where the man and the woman start on the same foot and dance matching patterns at each other's side to Polka-rhythm Western music.

Polka music can be very fast. Consequently advanced dancers look for ways to conserve energy and have fun in the process. Two favorite solutions are Western Cha Cha and Triple Two. Both dances allow people to dance slower to the same music, but also involve interesting patterns.

However many people prefer to stick with Polka footwork "if only there was a way to slow it down a bit".  Synchronized Polka accomplishes that nicely. Synchronized Polka is it can be easily blended in with your regular Polka patterns.

If you are having trouble visualizing Synchronized Polka, think "Cotton Eyed Joe".  The Cotton-Eyed Joe is basically the 'original' Synchronized Polka dance... both people start with their right foot and both people dance side by side starting from the Sweetheart Position (see picture)

The only thing you need to know in order to take this course is a basic understanding of Polka footwork. 

Side by Side Polka

Side by Side Polka, also known as Pattycake Polka, is an extremely easy system of Polka patterns where the man and the woman dance side by side linked by one hand at a time.   Periodically they touch each other's free hand, thus giving this footwork system its distinctive name. 

The advantage of these patterns is that the woman does not have to dance backwards, a real relief to the ladies.

Triple Two

Triple Two is Polka footwork with two walking steps added in.  Triple step, Triple step, Walk Walk.  The major advantage of Triple Two is that it 'slows' the dance down.  By adding two walking steps, people do not have to work as hard to keep the fast pace of the music.   Plus the patterns are easy to lead and follow, thereby giving the lady a break. 

To participate, simply come by Chapelwood and start.  For questions, please email Rick Archer,



Current Schedule

MONDAY NIGHTS - Current Schedule

TIME:  7:00 - 8:30 PM 

PRICE: $40 per person for the month  (cash or check, please)
To Register, just show up and sign up at the door.  Partners are not necessary. 

Instruction provided by Rick Archer

Classes are held in Chapelwood's YB 100-101... great wooden floor, complete privacy  (see map below).

Chapelwood is located in the Memorial area at 11140 Green Bay, 77024. 
(Please see street map below.)

Rick's Note about Chapelwood:  I have been teaching dance classes on Monday evenings at Chapelwood Methodist Church since October 2010.  Chapelwood is a lovely church with a beautiful room for us to hold our classes. I am grateful to Chapelwood for allowing me to conduct classes here. 


Map to Rick's House

Sometimes we do makeup classes at my house in the Heights.  I have a dance floor that handles 40 people.  713 862 2121


Rick's Dance Classes

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