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Map to Rick Archer's House (and Chandelier, Wild West and Chapelwood)

Rick Archer's Note:  Sundance features "private" group dance classes held here at my home in the Heights.  The classes are "private" in two senses of the word.  Not only do we have total privacy in my home, the classes are very small.  Consequently every student gets a great deal of attention. 

Here are the maps to each location.

  1. Chapelwood Methodist Church  (Monday)
  2. Chandelier Ballroom  (Fridays and Saturdays)
  3. Rick & Marla's house in the Heights  (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  4. Wild West (Sunday)

Map to Rick Archer's House

I understand it is unusual to use a home for dance classes, but the dance room at my house in the Heights works perfectly.

  As you can see from the
  picture, the room holds
  20 people. This space is
  more than sufficient to
  hold a small group class.

  Please note the
  Chandelier Ballroom
is located in the Heights.

  Chandelier Ballroom
  is two miles due west
  of Rick's house.


Chapelwood Methodist Church 

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