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Steps for Preparing Studio for dance class


Step One

Open gate and put orange cone in to keep it open.


Step Two

Plug in Light over Garage.

Note to Marty:
No need for this on Sunday afternoon


Step Three

Go to Gazebo, find the key to the garage door.



Step Four

turn air conditioner from "off" to "cool"

leave the "auto" switch alone.

I wouldn't bother adjusting the temperature.



Step Five: Music for Jan

1. turn on both power switches

2. Be sure the CD switch is in. 

3. Be careful the volume control isn't too high when you first turn the system on.


Step Five: Music for Marty

1. make sure the "Tuner" switch is in.

2. when you are done on Tuesday night, please set the CD switch IN for Jan.

3. If for some reason you don't get music with the CORD, sometimes you need to adjust the plug going into your audio device.

Step Six: Light switch for dance room

Step Seven: light switch for hot tub room


light switch for secondary restroom.  You probably don't need to worry about this because the dance room has a perfectly good restroom.

Step Eight: light switch for light outside the reception room. 
Definitely turn this on except for Marty on Sunday.


Step Nine:

to unlock sliding door, push handle UP


Step Ten:

turn on lights in
Reception Room.


Step Eleven:  I have Christmas Lights along the concrete walkway.  They are very useful at night when people are leaving, so always turn them on.

You will find these switches in the Reception room.

Marty, you won't need them on sunday.


If something terrible happens, you can try calling Marla at 281 635 4603, but I can't promise her phone will be on.

Also you might see our friend Olga in the main part of our house at night. 

She is house sitting for us and keeping the dog company.


don't forget to turn everything OFF on the way out!!



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