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2011 Go Texan Day Problems
for Fonde Rec Basketball Players

Written by Rick Archer

For the past two years, I have been unable to play basketball at Fonde Recreation Center during the Go Texan Weekend because I could not reach the gym.  What happens is that the Trail Riders start in Memorial Park and parade down Memorial Drive on Saturday morning right past Fonde.  To protect the riders, the police cordon off the usual routes we use to get to Fonde Rec.

What has frustrated me is that both years I heard that the gym was indeed open and that some of our Senior basketball group were able to play.  So how did they do it?

There are 2 routes that can be used to get to Fonde -
Sawyer Street
and Sabine Street

The problem with Sawyer Street is there is a roadblock.  For the past two years each time I saw a motorcycle cop stationed on the Sawyer Street bridge. 

There will probably be another one this year.  However, Keith Judge has told me that if you roll down your window and explain you are trying to reach Fonde Rec for morning basketball, the policeman will let you through. 

Sabine Street is the route that Otto uses.  You have to get to Walker Street downtown and then wind your way over to Sabine Street

Another trick is to use Heiner Street to reach Sabine Street.

I believe there is an exit off I-45 that allows you to reach Allen Parkway, but I have no direct knowledge about it to share.


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