Chapter Three
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The Kilauea Volcano

The very first of Stage Two will allow us to visit Kilauea in two different ways.  During the day, if you wish, you can actually hike up to the volcano and take a look. 

Then that same night, our ship will pass by the volcano to give everyone a spectacular view of the continual lava flow as it enters the ocean.  Every night, the slithering lava flow lights up the night sky.  This makes for quite a show as the cruise ship sails past.

Kilauea is currently the Earth’s most active volcano. It is the most recent of a series of volcanoes that have created the Hawaiian archipelago of islands over eons of activity.

Kilauea has been in a state of almost constant eruption since 1983. The volcano only rises 4,090 feet above sea level, but it is still growing. There were 45 eruptions of the volcano in the 20th century alone and Kilauea ejected lava into the air as recently as March of 2011.

Kilauea is only volcano in the world that is simultaneously active enough to be interesting, docile enough to be harmless, and carefully monitored enough to be approachable.

As a result, the volcano is a major tourist draw.

Kilauea is visited by roughly 2.6 million people annually, most of whom proceed up the volcano from the recently revamped Kilauea Visitor Center near the park entrance. A number of hiking trails, points of interest, and guided ranger programs exist, and the Chain of Craters Road, Hilina Pali Road, and Crater Rim Drive provide direct access to the volcano.

To learn more about Kilauea and view 32 amazing photos, click Kilauea Volcano

Waikoloa Village

On the second day of Stage Two, Rick and Marla invite you to join them for a trip to the beautiful Waikoloa Village located 18 miles north of Kona. 

Waikoloa Village is a luxurious Hilton resort located on Hawaii's Big Island.  At 62 acres, it covers an enormous area the size of nearly 60 football fields laid side by side.

Waikoloa Village is known for its lush foliage, wonderful view of the ocean, and its beautiful system of interlocking swimming pools and lagoons. 

What makes Waikoloa interesting is that the resort represents a great human triumph over the cruelty of nature.  Behind its incredible beauty, Waikoloa has a secret.  Waikoloa Village was built right on top of a lava field! 

Just 30 miles in the distance, the enormous dormant volcano Mauna Kea looms over the resort like an ancient sleeping monster.
 Waikoloa was built right on top of the path the burning lava once took on its way to the ocean.

To learn more, click Waikoloa Village.
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