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Clive Good Passes Away 

From Beth Griffin, 

The SSQQ student who collapsed at Longhorn Tuesday, March 20, 2001 never regained consciousness. His family removed life support last Friday, and he passed away on Thursday, March 29. He was 68 years old. 

Rick Archer's Note: 

Clive Good was a sweet, gentle man who was much liked by his friends at the studio. I did not know him very well since he had the sense not to take any of my classes, but many people have told me what a nice man he was. Clive never had a mean thing to say about anyone and always walked around with the biggest smile on his face. 

In a way, it is good that his last conscious moment on earth was spent with friends as he pursued his favorite hobby, dancing. I guess it is a fitting epitaph that he sort of died with his dance shoes on. 

His heart attack was very painful for people to see. There were a lot of people moved to deep remorse at the sight of this once energetic, vibrant man struck down in what seemed to be the prime of his life by a silent killer inside his body. It is of course a shame that the best efforts of medically-trained fellow dancers at the club combined with the paramedics could not undo the savage effects of a major heart attack. 

Clive was also very careful about his language. While you and I might call a well-curved backside a "butt", Mr. Good was indeed Good - correcting someone's language in a nice way, he asked to call it a "bum". With this shyness in mind, I am not sure how Clive feels about the only picture we have to remember him by. On our web site we have a picture of him dressed in his underwear (his Halloween costume), but I am told he always had a twinkle in his eye. Clive, wherever you are, it may be an odd way to remember you by, but we will always look at your photo and sense that you were having fun. Rest in peace. 

Email from Candi Angulo: 

Last night at the Longhorn (03-20-01), one of current SSQQ patrons by the name of Clive Good had a heart attack.  It was very unsettling for those of us that have gotten to know him and had the opportunity to go around the dance floor with him.  He is currently in ICU at Northwest Memorial (610 and Ella).

Please keep Clive in your thoughts and your prayers through this difficult time for him and his family.

And this from Gary Richardson:

A gentleman by the name of Clive (I think that is the way it may be spelled) had a traumatic episode at the Longhorn Tuesday evening.   Around 7:00 we were eating and he was sitting two tables to our left when he started shaking and then fell out of his chair to the floor (food and all).  Several people tried to help him (administering CPR, mouth to mouth, etc.).  They worked on him until paramedics (about six of them arrived and gave him about eight electrical shocks (whatever they are called), oxygen, shots, etc.   He never regained consciousness.   He finally got a pulse and they took him away in the ambulance to Northwest Hospital (if they didn't have to drive by).

Rachel said that he is a very nice man in her Sunday Ghost town class.   He is around 72 years old.   I heard his wife passed away a couple of years ago.   It was really tense for about half an hour as they stopped all music and turned on the lights.

We do not know his status after he left.   It didn't look good....

(Editor's Note: Apparently Clive did survive the heart attack, but just barely. It was a massive heart attack that left many people frightened and deeply distressed. Although Clive is listed in "critical but stable condition" as of Wednesday morning, witnesses gave him limited chance of success based on his continued failure to respond to treatment at the scene. On the bright side, many trained medical people from the dance community including Diane McCumber made sure his heart continued to work using CPR until the paramedics could arrive. Without them, he would have had no chance at all. 

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