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Welcome to the SSQQ Memorial
Stories written by Rick Archer 

The dark side of having a large community is that the inevitable must visit us occasionally. 

SSQQ largely avoided the Specter of Death for many years. 

But starting in the summer of 2007, our good luck started to change.  That was when we lost John Jones, a very close friend to many people here at SSQQ.  His passing was very sad for all of us. 

Little did we know it at the time, but John's loss was just the start of a very rough stretch for SSQQ.

After losing only four people in a seven year span, suddenly we lost six more people within the space of one year.

However it took the shocking death of two men - Gary Schweinle and Michael Friedberg - on the very same day (September 12, 2008), to convince me it was time to establish a permanent Memorial site on the SSQQ website in the memory of all our friends who have left us.

Here are their stories.

Amy Dryden 2000 Clive Good 2001 Conrad Anderson 2000 Matt Rogers 2003
Donna Ruth 2004 John Jones 2007 Austella Whittington 2007 Doug Peabody 2007
Tim Green 2008 Shirley Kyckelhahn 2008 Gary Schweinle 2008 Michael Friedberg 2008
Elizabeth Eaton 2009 Marjorie Michaels 2009 Bill McDougal 2013 Jim McCue 2014
Ted Jones 2018      
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