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Matt Rogers 

Matthew Layne Rogers, age 43, died unexpectedly Saturday 5/2/03.  Although appearing healthy, Matt suffered terribly from diabetes, the probable cause of his sudden death. 

(05-09-03 - At the request of Bill Hardaway, a friend of Matt's father, a paragraph that used to be here deemed offensive by Mr. Hardaway has been moved.  On this same day I received a phone call protesting the 'degrading nature of this tribute page to Matt'. In addition, Kathleen Rose has received so many mean phone calls relating to this paragraph that she was forced to make a police report. Out of respect to Matthew's family, I have removed the paragraph).

Since this Church of Christ family decreed no outsiders and no friends at his viewing OR funeral, several of us are giving him a terrific send off Friday after work. Gary Thorpe, Lindy Triplett, Leroy Ginzel and I are teaming up to have as many people as possible come to my home. Thus far, 20 SSQQ dancers have confirmed.  A LOUD party celebrating Matthew Rogers' life will be at my house, very near the studio on Friday, May 9 for all friends who wish to attend. 
Call for directions, my little street is hard to find. 

Thank you. Kathleen Rose    

I am sad to report that ssqq student Matt Rogers passed away Saturday morning from complications arising from his diabetes.

Matt was my best friend.  We met in 1974 at Spring Branch High School and have been very close friends ever since. 

He first brought me to the studio in December of 2001 and even re-took beginning two step polka with me so that I would know somebody in the class. 

I will miss him very much.  

Gary Thorpe

Matthew Rogers, an SSQQ student, passed away over the weekend (May 2, 2003). 

Matt was in my Western classes on Sunday nights. I believe he started about 2 years ago in the same class of Morgan, Sherry, Dane, DeLaine, etc. He took the Western classes up through Ghost Town, then went on to whip and swing. 

He was a terrific dancer with a quick wit. He always liked to jibe me in class with a smart ass comment and a twinkle in his eye. He had a way with the ladies. I found the attached picture of him on the ssqq Halloween site.

I'm sure Matt would want us to celebrate his life. May his memory be a blessing to us all. 

Rachel Seff

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