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 Is SSQQ the Romance Capital of Houston?? 

30 SSQQ Couples got Engaged and Married in Year 2000.
Does this make SSQQ the Romance Capital of Houston?

Decide for yourself. Slow Dance and Romance


Steve Dent and Sharon Roth get Married/ SSQQ hits 30! 

An Email sent in by Sharon Roth at New Year's: 

Hi Rick, 

I always enjoy your newsletter. Thanks.

We are a little late in our announcement, but your message about 'dance and romance' reminded me to tell you that Steve Dent and I (Sharon Roth) also became engaged last year. We met at SSQQ in 1998 and plan to be married in April this year.   So you can change the 29 to an even 30 for the Y2K stats!

Thanks for running such a great place.  I keep recommending it to everyone I meet.

Happy New Year!


(Editor's Note: Americans love round numbers. Thanks to Sharon's note, we do indeed hit an even 30 for the year 2000. As I have many times, I find this number amazing. Thank you, Sharon, for relaying this happy news!)


Patty Cloninger and Gilbert Cardenas get Married! 

On Thursday, December 14, Gilbert Cardenas told me in Whip class that he and Patty would not be in class next week. Absent-mindedly I asked 'why not' and Gilbert reminded me that he and Patty were getting married that weekend and would be sailing in the Bahamas on their honeymoon. Ah. I don't like for anyone to miss Whip class, but that seemed like a better reason than the average drivel people throw at me ("I had to work late"). ;-)

Congratulations to two very attractive, very nice people!  I might add the following week in Whip class we took time to think about Patty and Gilbert. It was pretty miserable out that night and most of us were pretty envious of the trip in the Bahamas, but other than that very happy for both!  


Dana Pattison and Rudy Garcia Announce Engagement!

Email sent by Dana: 

Good morning Rick,

I have great news! After months of searching, I have located one of the Design Divas. They were the lovely ladies in the booth next to Kricket Kollection at your March Career Day. The Design Divas prepare exquisite custom invitations and stationery. I have checked your Business Affiliates page regularly to see if someone with more initiative than myself had managed to locate contact information. Today I decided to put the search in full gear and do it myself.

What motivated me to find the Design Divas? The need for invitations.

Wedding invitations!!  Rudy Garcia proposed to me on November 3 in the same location where we had our first romantic dinner. He claims it was after months of scheming on his part and logistical assistance by my mother.

Since Mom has no grandchildren, I wonder if it was the other way around. Coincidentally, the proposal came the same week my parents purchased a lake home in the hills of eastern Oklahoma. Rudy keeps mumbling something about an inverted dowry. 

Rudy and I did not meet at SSQQ, but we do have a history there. The first month we dated I was taking lessons in room 5 and he in room 6, but we did not know it at the time. It seems Rudy would not pass through room 5 during breaks because there someone in there he wished to avoid. (To this day he insists it wasn't me.) Furthermore he would exit directly out of room 6 onto the sidewalk when class was over. The first class Rudy and I took together was Ben Liles' Dirty Dancing crash course. This was a pretty provocative class for two people in a relationship that was still so new it hardly qualified to be called a relationship. Our unfamiliarity with each other didn't escape Ben. He kept asking if it was our first date. He wasn't very far off.

I hope you are well. It looks like Rudy and I will be in for waltz lessons soon!!

Take care, Dana Pattison 

(Editor's Note: Dana and Rudy are a really cute couple. Dana in particular is very outgoing while Rudy is a bit more on the quiet side... probably an excellent fit. Although Dana say they didn't "officially" meet at SSQQ, Rudy told me he "noticed" her at the studio when they were taking classes simultaneously but in different rooms. Close Enough!! In Horseshoes, this would count as a Leaner. Best wishes to both!) 


Robert Leake and Jennifer Lynch Get Married!!

Email sent Last Week:

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that 2 years ago I met Jennifer in a beginner swing dance class...last week we have been happily married for 7 months. We are working on some little swingers next......

Thanks, Robert Leake


Jennifer and Andy Erich Get Married!!

Email sent by Jennifer: 

Hi Rick,

I just thought I'd turn ourselves in for the SSQQ grapevine. Andy and I just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii. By the way- we wore those same honeymoon outfits in Hawaii as on page 8 of your Halloween 2000 pics. We fit right in! We also did a few dance steps on the beach for some very impressed beach bums. I don't think anyone in Hawaii knows how to whip. Maybe you should open a branch of classes out there!

Anyway- we got married on November 11 in Iowa. We danced our first dance to Lonestar's "Amazed" (the one you helped us with a little). We did wonderfully! Everyone at the reception was so impressed. Then the DJ played a few swing and whip songs for us to show off our moves. While everyone danced free style around us, we got to cut a rug with our slick moves! Our videographer took footage of the whole thing. He told us that he has taped 100's of weddings, but he has never seen great dancing like what we did! I can't wait to see how we did on the finished video.

Thanks again for being such a great instructor. If you recall we started with you back in beginning swing and followed you all the way through to Lunar Whip last month. Thanks for all your help. Don't take any crap from loud mouthed, unappreciative students. You have really given us a valuable skill and a strong common interest that we will share our entire lives. We'll be back in the studio to start either Zoot Suit or Martian in January.

See you soon, have a great holiday!

Jennifer and Andy Erich

(Rick's Note: Can you imagine a sweeter letter?  I am sure my heart would have pounded with pride as I watched this lovely couple sail across the dance floor at the wedding. Would you like to see their Halloween picture?  
It is #070.  Enjoy!!)


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