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These pictures are from the pre-cruise meeting.  Lots of new faces, many first-time cruisers who have questions and curiosity.
What you see below is the start of some serious trouble.   Phyllis Porter is proudly displaying her nickname for the trip.
As you will discover, no better nickname has ever been created for Phyllis than 'Trouble'.
Phyllis has invited all her friends for her special bus trip down to Galveston... and she has stocked up for the occasion.  By the time these people reach the pier, they will be staggering. Plus she has a sign for one of her friends.  Newly-single Dakota Wilhelm picks up his sign.   
Looks like Iqbal Nagji is running a shuttle service of his own for Peggy McElroy and Joan Mastrangeli.
Jo Ann Wilson and CA Riser Virginia McEathron, Judy Walsh, Cathy Riser Andy Regnier, Gus Donnell, Robert Friske
Kurt and Jean Wind cruelly leave their
daughter Tiffany and son Ryan behind.
Joe Lachner helps Jo Ann Sandra Palmer, Patty Harrison
When it comes to Phyllis, I think of Circe, the Greek Sorceress who used wine to turn her men to swine.  Considering how looped the people riding her van get, I think it safe to consider Phyllis a modern-day Circe indeed. 

I doubt our guys would appreciate being called 'swine', but there is question that Phyllis has the touch.  She gets people so drunk they stagger getting on to the ship.  I should know - I had to help one anonymous person back to their feet in the cruise terminal on this morning.

Leslie Goldsmith aka Alpha Girl Rick Elizondo, Ron Fiske, John Safos Jean Tobin Fran Zandstra Sherry Thornton
Alph Lin Mills Judy
J.R. Williams, Kit Carney, Jenell Williams, Rafael Almonte, plus our honeymoon couple Don and Jean (Williams) Taylor
I have a rule about listing names.  I generally list them once in the early pages, then forget about it.  That's Leroy next to Alph and Trouble.
Cristina Lozano and Conor O'Muirgheasa Karen Wisniewski Christina Herren
Bobby Kirkpatrick and Lois Izquierdo Lewis Baker and Lisa Perkins Debra Jones and Joel Konkel

First Night Cocktail Party

Maureen Irwin, Joan, Ron, Peggy, Fran, John, Karen Larry & Roz Weinstein,  Randy & Tammy Lee, Sal & Lynn McCaslin
Honeymooners David & Jamie Hathaway Jim and Denise Duncan David Diggs, Peggy, Joan
Lin and Rick Rafael and Kit Judy Shirley and Rafael Perez  
Karen W and David Pinder Denise and Jim Honeymooners Keith and Betty Baker
Alph and Dakota Marla Archer and Steve Gabino Wil and Karen Uecker
Ann MacKenzie plus CA, Virginia, and Gerald Jerry Trawick and Tammey Goodner 
Sherry, Tracy Kirkland, Jeannie, Alph, and Mr. Hat Gary Schweinle Gerald and Virginia
Wendy Weston and Natalie Bolen Terri Beeler and Lillian McEnery
Cristina and Conor George and Vivian Gustafson Trouble and Kurt
Tracy and Mr. Hat Betty and Iqbal
Ken Robeson and Viola Hernandez  Fran and Gus Debra and David
Kim Harrell and Michelle Jablonski Leroy Ginzel and Carol Batson Randy Black and Peggy
Martha Bouldin and Mike Wilhelm Nancy Wright and David Pinder George and Vivian

Cynthia Bozeman plus Bobby Kirkpatrick and Lois Izquierdo Betty Richardson and John Frierson
David and Nancy Gus and Fran Robin Curbello and Danny Herdejurgen

Andy and Dakota

Lan Vu and Martha Bouldin

Penny Gunderson and Kit Carney Terri and Lillian
Toni Maciel and Richard Greason Cindy Diggs and Tony Smith

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