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This is my Noah's Ark Page. 
There is one boy and one girl per picture (plus lots of smiles)

Betty and Gary

Larry and Roz


Robert and Peggy

Ron and Joan


Cindy and John

Carol and Iqbal


Ann and Lori

Dave and Jamie


Jean and Kurt

Denise and Jim


Fran and Gus

Rick and Lin


Dave and Alph

Virginia and Judy


Keith and Betty

Denise and Rick


Barbara, Peggy, Maureen.  I guess that makes three people.
Tough. Consistency is the hobgoblin of narrow minds.

Debra and Charlie


Jean and Don

Gareld and Virginia


Becky and Nick

Lisa and Gary


Lori and Doug

Ken and Viola


Kurt and Jean

Jo and Carole


Lewis and Lisa

Gary and Tracy


Joan and Gary

Gary and Joan déjà vu.

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