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Our group spent lots of time outside.  It was fun to have a waterslide again, a feature missing on Royal Caribbean ships. 
Below is pretty Christina Herren taking a ride on the water slide.

As always, the hot tub was a major center of activity.  In the center picture below, you will see George Sargent, aka Mr. Handsome, warming up by sipping some of his infamous Gatorade (if he offers you some, be careful!). 

Just as a warning, George is a notorious troublemaker in his own right. 

In the pictures above, innocent victims such as Peggy McElroy, Carol Batson, and Joel Konkel are being persuaded to participate in the
evil hot tub activities.   Doesn't look like they are putting up much of a fight, does it?

Now the crowd gathers.  As they spot other people, the siren call goes out to join them.

Below we see Mr. Handsome luring people into the hot tub.  A pretty red-headed lady responds to the lure. 
The Great Gabino welcomes her into this cesspool of debauchery.

Little does she know the danger she is getting herself in f

Here we get a better look at the pretty red-headed girl. 
I have no idea who she is (I don't think she was in our group), but she was definitely a popular addition to the hot tub.

Just out of curiosity, what is Vivian doing with her straps?  What an expression!  I can't take my eyes off her.
 I keep thinking if I stare at the picture long enough, something good is bound to happen.

As you can see in the picture above, Phyllis Troublemaker is flanked by her partners in crime Gerry Francis and Alpha Hussy (Alph for short) as they sit on the side of the tub.  There's a reason why they are sitting on the ledge.  George told me they kept the water too hot.  Well gee, that got my sympathy fer sure.  I got out my violin for that.  Complaining about a hot tub being hot; can you imagine that?  Hot tubs were not meant for an entire afternoon of activity, a concept I believe that is lost on George.

Just so you know, Gerry misbehaved the entire trip.  However he paid a rather hefty 'hush money fee' to protect his reputation.  I practically cruised for free thanks to Gerry (cruise trip blackmail is a lucrative business. How do think I can afford these trips?) 

So if you keep turning the pages for the gory details on Gerry, don't bother.  His secrets are safe with me!  

On the other hand Alph had her reputation totally ruined several cruise trips ago.  A nice girl until she met Phyllis, Alph became Trouble's first victim!  I warned Alph I was going to say something if she didn't fork over some dough, but she just scoffed at me!

Laugh at me, huh?   I published all the gory details.  As a result to this day Alph refuses to pay me a red cent of hush money.  See if Alph gets any good press on this trip!  No mercy.  She could have her face covered with food and I would not hesitate to publish the picture.

Someday Alph will regret her bad attitude towards my tawdry blackmail scheme.  Let's just see if Alph ever gets invited to the White House!  One Google hit on her SSQQ Cruise Trip toe-sucking history and Alph is toast.

Ah, Hot Tub Revelry!  Despite the heat, the crowd grows.  I count 23.  I bet you can only count 22.  Can you find the missing person? 

Here is an interesting picture.  The Great Gabino and his evil twin brother Cowabunga are attempting to drown several pool revelers!  
Ah, the pool revelers are drunk.  Probably won't feel a thing.

By the way, did you find the 23rd person in the earlier hot tub stuffing picture?   If not, go back and look for the HAT.

More exciting hot tub action above.  I count 21.  What's your total? 

If you look carefully, you will the HAT's identity revealed.

The crowd keeps growing.  In the picture above I count 25. 

 They sure look happy.  I notice several suspicious cups on the side of the tub.  I see a lot of laughter. 
I have no idea what is going on, but Patty definitely thinks it is funny. They are starting to get crazy now. 

Good grief!   It looks like the red-headed girl is about to lose her top!  She is fighting desperately!  
Does anyone come to her rescue?  No.  They just laugh at her predicament.  

A word to pretty red-headed strangers, Beware all invitations to join the SSQQ Hot Tub Revelry!
I heard of no tops being lost in the hot tub.  But that doesn't mean much.
Anything is possible with this Rag Tag Mishmash of Miscreants!  
As far as they are concerned, what happens in the hot tub stays in the hot tub.  Their lips are sealed.

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